Look Inside Burna Boy’s Mega City Mansion

Earlier this year we reported that Burna Boy purchased a new crib in Lagos. We only had a glimpse of the property and not too many details to share – until now. Oluwa recently opened his mansion doors to allow us common folk a peek inside, and we were indeed impressed.

The sprawling 13,000sft oasis provides a calm and peaceful getaway from the chaotic and fast-paced Lagos life. So after dealing with traffic, noise, and the relentless pressure of celebrity events, when Burna needs to unwind, his new home is his sanctuary.

Built by Nigerian architect –Akose Enebeli the 3,700 square foot abode is tucked away in the upscale and prestigious Lekki area in Lagos. Burna was impressed by Enebeli’s work that he was shown and knew immediately that he wanted him to design and build him a new house.

Portharcourt meets Lagos

Burna Boy is from Port Harcourt Nigeria, which is in the delta region. The landscape there is very lush, with water all around thick green vegetation – a distinct contrast to the concrete jungle of Lagos.

Burna insisted on bringing a bit of Rivers state to his new mansion. So the grounds consist of meticulously tended gardens, water features, and plant life. This very intentional design incorporates biophilia at all angles.

The contemporary home boasts high ceilings, large windows that let light pour into the sprawling home. It has a cinema, chef’s kitchen, home gym, swimming pool, a recording studio where he can spontaneously create, and an ample garage to contain his many luxury vehicles.

The vinyl room courtesy AD

This is a place where Burna can get creative, relax and enjoy family and friends. The outdoor areas are pleasing with plenty of room for his peeps to gather and hang out. But Burna’s favourite room is the vinyl room. This space is filled with many of the African Giants’ most treasured albums – many of which were gifted to him by his famed grandfather Benson Idonije. This is the room where everyone gravitates to and gets sucked in by the aura of all the legendary musicians that grace the walls and the music that emanates from the speakers. We get it.

Roman Kingsley

Journalist based in the United States and Nigeria, focusing on Real Estate Development and the stories emerging in and around the built environment.

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