5 Must-Have Gadgets for Nigerian Real Estate Entrepreneurs

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Technology is constantly changing and improving the way we interact with each other and how we conduct business. So it is important to stay current with technology (especially in business) so you do not get left behind. 

Proptech as we discussed in a previous post, is the intersection between property (real estate) and technology, and how tech is leveraged to make the real estate industry more competitive, functional, and accessible to all.

Today we will discuss tech gadgets that enhance the lives and businesses of Nigerian real estate entrepreneurs including, agents, brokers, investors, and influencers. We will show how these cool tools can make real estate transactions (buying and selling) easier, and finding and promoting property to the world.

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Here Are Our Top 5 Gadgets


This is an obvious one, and thus remains the top gadget for all Nigerian real estate entrepreneurs, or really everyone in this day and age. Without a smart mobile device, you will essentially be a non-factor in the real estate business. Your phone is your lifeline. You need to make calls, take notes, pay for items, schedule showings, and meetings, take photos, take notes and record information as needed. This is a must-have gadget, and it is also important to note that you can’t be running around with an old iPhone 5 in 2021, you need to be as close to current as possible. 


For those times when you are back at your house or office, sometimes you need a bigger, more powerful device that can handle all those tasks that you normally do on your phone. Using a laptop or computer makes these tasks easier and more efficient. You can edit photos, videos, send emails and appointments and save and store all your documents and agreements for your real estate business. No real estate entrepreneur works without a proper computer.

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 To accelerate your real estate business in Nigeria a powerful DSLR camera will do the job. A unit like the Sony a7R II is a monster of a machine that is more than capable of handling all your professional photography needs. As we all know, photos and videos are everything in real estate marketing and make or break a deal. In the Nigerian real estate scene, there is room for big improvements in photos and marketing for housing. Many listings have poor photos with bad lighting and no staging. Learning how to use a nice camera will separate you from the pack and help your career. 


For busy Nigerian real estate entrepreneurs, a printer is a must, and for the real go-getters, the ones that are doing lots of deals, a mobile wireless printer is a great gadget to own. When you are on the road, or onsite at a property and you are in the process of making a deal, you can easily print the necessary documents to seal a deal. It will make you feel like a successful pro when you can whip out your printer, produce the contracts and have them signed on the spot. 

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Drones are hot in real estate. They have changed the game when it comes to visual photography and they can produce amazing shots that can change a normal home to a dazzling spectacle. In fact, a great aerial shot that captures the landscape, property, and all its surroundings will always garner more attention and showings than a basic standard photo series. Drones have the unique ability to produce sweeping videos and can create a virtual tour for prospective buyers that may be viewing from another continent. Imagine getting the attention of Nigerians in the diaspora to view a house while they are sitting in their living room in New York City. You need a drone, or you need to hire someone who has one, you won’t regret it.

In Summary

These 5 gadgets are must-haves for serious Nigerian real estate entrepreneurs, and will definitely elevate your game and your business career. Evolve with the times and stay current with technology. You want to be recognized as a professional that has the tools to be successful, and your clients will recognize this and eventually reward you with their business. 

Roman Kingsley

Journalist based in the United States and Nigeria, focusing on Real Estate Development and the stories emerging in and around the built environment.


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