Konga Opens New Owerri Store

Konga, Nigeria’s top E-commerce company has announced plans to open up a store in Owerri, Imo State on March 11. The online marketplace offers a variety of goods and services including, electronics, mobile devices, beauty products, home appliances, and fashion accessories.

In a press release Eric Nana, the vice president of retail spoke on Konga’s growing presence in Imo State.

“Our customers asked for a new store and we have responded accordingly. The new Owerri store is meant to serve the growing needs of our numerous customers in Imo State and beyond. In addition to shopping online and taking delivery at the store, our customers can walk in and shop for immediate pick-up, or conveniently place their orders there for items that are not in-store for delivery to their homes or offices.

The idea is to make the Konga brand closer to everyone, no matter what their preferred shopping style is, whether online or offline. We have also put together numerous special deals and offers for every category of shoppers ahead of the launch. So, all roads lead to Kez Plaza from Thursday to Saturday,’’ 

Konga already has a popular retail outlet in Owerri at  65b, Mbaise Road. The new store will be located at the bustling Kez Plaza on Douglass road. Konga is quickly expanding its stores across the country and the new location in Owerris will help further establish the brand in the easter region of Nigeria.

People of Owerri, get ready for the new launch and be on the lookout for flyers that are being passed around. They will give you special discounts on several products in the new store. 

Come and support the new outlet and purchase your new mobile device or some new fashion threads for Easter, or buy that new flat screen television that you have been waiting for.

Please just keep in mind to wear your mask and social distance when you queue up to go on your shopping spree.

Roman Kingsley

Journalist based in the United States and Nigeria, focusing on Real Estate Development and the stories emerging in and around the built environment.

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