5 Reasons to Move to Nigeria in 2021

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The alarm on your phone jolts you out of a sound sleep, you reach over to silence the bells and melodies. It is six am already, time to get up and get ready for work. It seems as if you are on a merry-go-round that never ends. Wake up, go to work, come home, eat dinner, go to sleep then repeat; trapped in a rat race that is so difficult to break out of. Is this what life is all about? Is this why everyone back home wants to move abroad for a better life…?

Dreaming in Diaspora

Most Nigerians in the diaspora have felt like this before. At first, the lure of life in the west wins you over. The convenience, ease of access to employment, cars, healthcare, and higher education. 24/7 light is standard -everywhere. Roads are paved. Water flows. Food is plentiful.

But what you soon realize is that in order to live this lifestyle and afford these amenities, you must find a good job that can support you. Once you find this job, now you must keep it in order to stay afloat – now you are in the rat race.

Many Nigerians start off with the intention of working for a few years or just to finish school then they plan to move back home. Usually what happens is that they get stuck in the system and before they realize it, they have been abroad for 20 years or more.

Moving to Nigeria has been on your mind for a while, you cant ignore it anymore.

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5 Reasons you Should Move Back to Naija

The Weather

Nothing beats the warm African sun. It greets you in the morning, touches you in the afternoon and gives life to so many crops and creatures. Walking in sandals or barefoot around the village, enjoying the scenery, the sun has healing power and it enlightens your mood.

Meanwhile stuck in Britain where the sun barely shines through the gobs of grey clouds that hang around all year. The freezing rain and damp air seep into your bones and make you feel depressed. It may not sound like a big reason for moving to Nigeria – but it is.

Your Mental Health

This is big. Being away from family, friends and the familiar comforts of home take a toll on your mental health. The stresses of living abroad have a way of piling up and it has an accumulative effect on your overall wellbeing. The stress of work, the stress of paying bills, the fear of police brutality and racial discrimination are very real.

Moving to Nigeria can give your mind a reprieve, and a much-needed break. You may be surprised how refreshed you may feel when you touch down in Nigeria ready to embrace memories of your fond past.

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Start a Business

Nigeria is rife with opportunity for those with an entrepreneurial spirit. Moving to Nigeria makes sense. Take a chance. Start a business from that idea that has been swirling in your head for years. Open up that restaurant. Start your design business. Buy a farm and raise crops and livestock. You can do whatever you want. Nigeria has what you need, labour is cheap, the sky is your limit. There are so many stories and videos of young Nigerians starting businesses and they are inspiring and motivating – what are you waiting for?

Get Married, Start A Family

Now that you have sowed your wild oats overseas, it is time to settle down and find your mate. Nigerians are beautiful, intelligent, and make great spouses. Be respectful, court your lover, praise them with words of affirmation, buy them special gifts. Propose on a picnic, then plan your extravagant traditional wedding. Start your family and reconnect with friends- you will be better for it.

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Build Your Dream House

While you were toiling away abroad, you were saving money each month in a special account for your housing project. It has always been a dream of yours to build a beautiful place surrounded by palm trees towering above your gated compound. No humming generator, since you have installed solar panels to run your house, boreholes supply your water, young mango and banana trees give you shade in the yard.

Take advantage of the opportunity to get involved in the Nigerian real estate scene. After you build your house, look for other opportunities. Become a landlord, open an Airbnb. Share your expertise and knowledge add your own style in the building process.

Make the Move

Moving to Nigeria can be a reality. It won’t be easy. There will be struggles and you may get frustrated, but overall you will be happier. Do not delay any further, don’t think about it too much -just do it. You want to buy roasted corn from the street seller, eat suya after a fun night out, enjoy masquerade events in your village and galivant during Detty December. These are things that bring you joy, take advantage of your unique opportunity and move back to Nigeria in 2021.

Roman Kingsley

Journalist based in the United States and Nigeria, focusing on Real Estate Development and the stories emerging in and around the built environment.

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