Hotel Rooms Open Up

As the Nigerian economy shakes off the webs of the pandemic, the hotel sector which was hit hard with the shut down, is now opening their rooms to those who need a place to rest their heads. Our recent article regarding the restaurant sector re-opening, we examined the impact the shutdown had on their businesses and what measures they are taking to re-emerge and re-brand in the new changing business landscape.

Nigerians love hotels. We go to hotels for travel, events, business functions, weddings, fine dining, night club fun and so on… they have carved a place in our lives and I can bet most everyone at some point has either been to a hotel or done business with one.

So when the pandemic struck, since hotels are not considered essential business, they were forced to lock their doors and turn off the occupancy signs. This created a huge loss in profits for the many hoteliers in the country that had their livelihoods temporarily stripped from them – some hotels recorded a massive 88% drop in revenue!

New Times New Rules

Now that hotels can unlock their doors and invites people back in, they do have to take special measures to ensure that patrons are staying in a clean and hygienic establishment. This means that they must screen guests, offer hand sanitizing stations, install social distancing signage and maintain housekeeping standards to the highest degree.

Some hotels that are currently open and serving customers in Lagos with limited capacity include: Eko Hotel, The George Hotel, Radisson Blu, and Sheraton Hotels Ikeja.

Are you ready to have an overnight stay at your favourite hotel? We are.

Roman Kingsley

Journalist based in the United States and Nigeria, focusing on Real Estate Development and the stories emerging in and around the built environment.

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