Community Spotlight -River Park Estate Abuja

Let’s peek inside this planned community…

River Park Estate is an urban development, mixed use project in Abuja. This community was carefully planned to encompass a complete – Live/Work/Shop/Play environment.

This is a picturesque, self sufficient – city within a city.

River Park Estate, which is located on Airport road, minutes form the Nnamdi Azikiwe international airport and the central business district, sprawls across 478 hectares (1181 acres) and is comprised of over 3000 residential dwellings, commercial office buildings, shopping malls, schools, health clinics, restaurants, golf course and a police precinct – to name a few of its conveniences.

Check out the estate

This model and style of community planning and development, is a strategy that is gaining popularity in Nigeria and across the continent. It efficiently brings the everyday things that we all do, in close proximity. The estate offers housing units ranging from 2 bedroom flats to 5 bedroom duplexes.

Traditional “neighbourhoods” or estates, are typically built on the outskirts of city centres, where residents are coddled in cul-de-sacs on tree lined streets and kids freely play. This progressive planned community offers this same living arrangement but with the added amenities that people would normally have to commute to.

Now, residents can theoretically go to work, school, shop, eat out and enjoy recreational activities all within a relatively short distance from where they lay their heads at night.

No more long delays in traffic to drop the kids at school and then off to work. When the need arises to make a quick trip to the mall to buy some clothes, or pick up dinner for the night – now all these things are a short drive away.

Want to hit the links, and play a round of golf? River Park has you covered. Need to go to a medical check up? Clinics are close by. God forbid you need police assistance – there is a precinct in the community. All these great attributes, and lets not forget there is 24/7 light, and clean water.

So, what’s not to love about this planned community? This style of neighbourhood is replicating around the FCT and other cities, and Nigerians cant get enough. If we had one critique, it would be that the residential units all look very similar and offer little “uniqueness” – they are typical cookie cutter clusters.

This is a small gripe and overall we love seeing communities evolve like this and we will be highlighting some of Nigeria’s other planned places soon. In the meantime go and grab a piece of your Nigerian real estate dream.

Roman Kingsley

Journalist based in the United States and Nigeria, focusing on Real Estate Development and the stories emerging in and around the built environment.

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