Co-Working Spaces In Nigeria

Flexible, affordable, aesthetically pleasing, convenient and close by… no, I am not speaking of Keke , but rather the explosion of co-working spaces that are sprouting up around Nigeria.

What exactly are co-working spaces?

Co-working spaces are shared or communal office environments where people from different companies, self employed individuals or freelancers, use common office spaces with shared facilities, such as: printers, cafeterias, conference rooms while working on projects specific to themselves.

Why Choose a Co-Working Space?

These real estate spaces offer a wide range of advantages from traditional office environments. With customary office situations, businesses or individuals would have to either purchase a building for their company to use, or lease from a property owner.

In either situation, there is a significant financial investment – up front- not to mention on-going maintenance, insurance, taxes and utilities.

Co- working spaces offer an economical option for start-ups or for freelancers that need a space to work, but do not have the capital to purchase or rent via the traditional ways.

Africans and Nigerians specifically, have taken to this trend rapidly and wholeheartedly. Nigerians, the ever resourceful and creative bunch that they are, use these spaces and leverage them to launch businesses across the nation.

With as little as ₦3,000 a day, or a ₦10,000 week pass, an individual can obtain a “hot desk” – which entitles them to a desk, chair and access to the common facilities. This is a game changer for a freelancer or start-up that needs modern and comfortable spaces to make their business happen at rock bottom prices.

Or if you have more means, you can opt for a private office, which offers more privacy and a sense of prestige and confidence. Most of these co-working spaces offer state of the art technologies including audio-visual equipment, conference rooms, phone rooms and studio space that users have access to.

Nigeria leads Africa

Top Spots in Nigeria

Below are just a few selections that we have heard good things about, but please do your own research and set up some site tours and decide which spot is best for you or your business.

  • CapitalSquare – Lekki – Beautiful spaces and great common facilities.
  • Seedspace – Ikoyi – A very popular co-working space in Lagos.
  • Ventures Park – Abuja – A cool and interesting space (it’s made of shipping containers!)
  • Terra Kulture – Victoria Island – this is a community that offers restaurants, bookshops and more!

Get to Work

Now that you know what to expect from a co-working space and have perused a few selections, it is time to get off the fence, find a plan that works for you and start on the business that you have been dreaming about. Go and design websites for your clients, start that blog – do something- be a part of the new Nigerian workforce that will shape Nigeria, Africa and the world.

Roman Kingsley

Journalist based in the United States and Nigeria, focusing on Real Estate Development and the stories emerging in and around the built environment.


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